By Tremayne Gordon

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When is the right time to leave a job? Five years?

Ten years? Perhaps, retirement?

For Ash, the right time was 5:30pm on a Friday

afternoon when his employer fired him. For Rose,

the right time was the first time... The second time...

The third time that she quit her job. Alone at a train

station, Ash and Rose wait with their belongings for

company. Due to the weather, all trains have been

delayed until further notice.



Writer Tremayne Gordon
Director Samantha Bull

Designer Damian Tatum
Stage Manager Jaime Ng



Gemma Elsom + Tremayne Gordon


University of the Sunshine Coast +
Queensland University of Technology

Sat 24 Nov
6.35pm - 7.05pm

Sun 25 Nov
6.20pm - 6.50pm

The Studio
30 min

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