Due to unforeseen circumstances, this project will no longer be presented at the Festival.

The Festival and the artists apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Thursdays For The Boys (TFTB)

Work In Development

By the Traction Boys

DreamVillioNaires presents

How strong is the ‘boys’ bond?

Boys. They say a boys bond with his mates can never be broken. Tight as. These seven lads tackle every Thursday. They link up and have the time of their lives. When the sun settles, the normal routine rolls out. Using one of the boys’ family car, the Tarago, they all fit in and unpack the adventures of a Thursday night, whether it’s movies, or bowling, or jam throwback songs and heaps more.


But in their lives prior the pickups, they go through life’s toughest choices and decisions. Facing a long week of adversity before the next link up, they are bombarded with issues that normally adults deal with. The one day they all hope comes by quick is Thursday.


Can their bond save their beloved ritual, or will the boys finally collapse, turning their Thursdays into a…?



Writer PJ Ieremia
Director Abdul Salman
Choreographer Joshua Rangi

Jessie Meny, Damon Jackson, Filo Lesa + Hosanna Aloaii


Fri 23 Nov
6.10pm - 7.00pm

Sat 24 Nov
12.00pm - 12.50pm


The Studio
50 min

Content Advisories
Coarse language
Staged violence


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