Sometimes It's Hot Like
The Sun


Undone Theatre Collective presents

Why are you 60% water, but so solid?

Gummy smiles. Mascara stained sheets. The smell of burnt bras. That feeling you get when your left nipple intimidates your right nipple.


Sometimes It’s Hot Like The Sun will teach your children the value of money, how to be well received on long distance phone calls and what to do when the world ends. This is a collection of stories deep from the undergrowth of our under arms. Through the use of visual multimedia, puppeteering and state of the art orthodontic metal braces, Sometimes It’s Hot Like The Sun explores our connection and disconnection to womanhood.



Creative Madeleine Border
Creative Luke Diamond 

Creative Honor Webster-Mannison
Sound Designer Amy Holley 


Queensland University of Technology +
University of Queensland


Sat 24 Nov
  7.30pm - 8.15pm


Sun 25 Nov
  12.10pm - 12.55pm


The Roundhouse
45 min

Content Advisories
Coarse language
Flashing lights
Partial nudity
Themes of death + trauma


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