Interactive Work

Devised by the 2018 Backbone Ensemble

Backbone Youth Arts presents

What can intimacy and communication between two people look like in a performative context?

ONE is a series of site sympathetic five minute one on one experiences for a performer and one audience member. Each explores intimacy and the communication capable between a performer and a participant. Some are comic, others are playful or dark or meditative, all are deeply personal.




Devised and delivered by
Damian Tatum, Sean McCarthy, Alice England, Bailey Smart, Ben Mostert, Eli Free, Georgia Politakis, Gina Limpus, Indiah Morris, Jasmin Flynn, Julia Bardetta, Kristin Sparks, Kurtis Laing, Liv Brand, Nathaniel Young, Riley Finn Anderson, Ruby Donohoe, Siobhan Gibbs, Stephanie Elliot, Tyler Harris + Vivienne Abiata



Sun 25 Nov
1.00pm - 2.00pm
6.00pm - 7.00pm

The Festival Hub
60 min

Content Advisories (may contain)
Coarse language
Offensive language
Themes of mental illness
Themes of death + trauma


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