Meet Sam

Digital Experience
Interactive Work

By Nevin Howell + Ashleigh Djokic

Would you dance with a complete stranger?

Meet Sam. She wants to join in the festivities
but has no friends to accompany her. She’s grown envious of you,
the typical festival patron, walking to the next showing with program
in hand. She notices you’re not in any hurry.
When does the next performance start anyway?
Another 10, 15 minutes? Why not stop for a moment?
Say hello. Introduce yourself.

Maybe Sam is the missing
piece in your puzzle, the industry professional
thac could change your life. Perhaps she’s that
one frind who won’t judge you for wanting to
eat pancakes at an obscene hour. What’s there
to lose? You’ll never know you until take that first step...

And did we mention Sam likes to dance?‚Äč


AV Co-Design Nevin Howell + Ashleigh Djokic


Content Advisories
It's really nice.
Light-hearted + fun.

This project is suitable for people young of age and young at heart.


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Sat 24 Nov
   4.00pm - 8.00pm

Sun 25 Nov
  4.00pm - 8.00pm

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