Spoken Word

By Madeleine Little

Will a lack of touch tear you apart?

Her body is not like others, yet it longs to be held just the same. 


Hold is an exploration of longing, lust, and letting go. Join Madeleine as she retraces her steps and analyses her relationships with family, friends, and flings in an attempt to uncover why our natural desire to hold others and be held is as strong as it is... and if she’ll ever truly feel the comfort and safety she has been searching for. 


This is a new work using personal poetry and stories while also experimenting with the theory of ‘the aesthetics of access’. Madeleine Little is a disabled actor and theatremaker, and Hold will test accessible theatre practice conventions. 



Writer + Director Madeleine Little
Stage Manager Erin Handford
Photographer Nick Morrissey Photography

Madeleine Little, Leanne Beer, Myra Turner



University of Southern Queensland

Fri 23 Nov
2.50pm - 3.30pm

Sat 24 Nov
1.35pm - 2.15pm


The Roundhouse
40 min

Content Advisories
Coarse language


Please see box office for more info.



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