Fish Out of Water


By Hayley Condon

Have you ever felt like a fish out of water?

I’m Trapped. The stranger is looking at ME! My HEART is


Clare keeps checking her phone. She is frozen in time and space, a prisoner trapped in her own body. She can feel the stares of the social pressures to make conversation with the person, silently judging as they walk past. 


This is just only one of the three social anxiety scenarios that Fish Out of Water explores. It refers to the feeling of being lost or out of place in a social situation. This episodic performance explores how three individuals struggle with social anxiety in their lives. These characters will take you on a journey of their struggles and feelings as they face their anxieties.


Want to find out how they get back in the water? 



Writers Hayley Condon + Shayla Vickery
Director Hayley Condon
Assistant Director Shayla Vickery
Dramaturg Joey Kohnke
Stage Manager Georgia Toner
Marketing/Producer Callum Gordon

Hayley Condon, Vanessa Ewin + Liam Linane

Special thanks to Allure Coffee for their ongoing support.

University of the Sunshine Coast


Fri 23 Nov
 12.00pm - 12.40pm

Fri 23 Nov
6.00pm - 6.40pm


Sat 24 Nov
  1.20pm - 2.00pm


The Studio
40 min

Content Advisories
Coarse language

Themes of mental illness

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