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Can a word change your life?

We live in a world of labels. Some are self-prescribed; others are given to us without our consent. Can we reclaim words that are meant to degrade or limit us? Should we reject them altogether? Sticks and stones may break bones but words remain etched onto our brains.


There is a large gap in the discussions around sexism in Australia. Fatphobia and classism are two forms of oppression that many ‘liberal’ folk often ignore or consider a lower priority. It is believed that both of these things can be changed, unlike race, gender identity or sexuality, so the two are mostly
undiscussed in Australian society. SLUT by Patricia Cornelius inspired us to expand the conversation. We hope this triple bill will cause audiences to think twice about the words they use around others, even in our lefty echo chamber. 



Creators Emma Black, Kate Fester, Madeline Römcke + Honor Webster-Mannison Directors Kate Fester + Madeline Römcke

Rebecca Bennett, Madeleine Border, Elizabeth Elliot Hayes + Shi Shi Zhang

University of Queensland + Queensland University of Technology +
University of Southern Queensland

Sun 25 Nov
  5.00pm - 6.00pm


The Roundhouse
60 min

Content Advisories
Coarse language
Offensive language
Themes of mental illness
Themes of death, abuse + trauma
Staged violence (spoken)
Sexual activity (spoken)

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Two new plays in response to Patricia Cornelius' SLUT

By Kate Fester + Madeline Römcke


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