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Physical Theatre

Ursa Major Theatre Association presents

By Alaxzandra Allen + Sian Ayton

How do we take back control?

Obsessions. Compulsions. Panic. Repeat. Obsessions.
Compulsions. Panic. Repeat.


Humans are the strongest beings alive. We have such emotional range that can fluctuate at such extremes and yet we are required to go about our business as if nothing is wrong at the expense of alienating ourselves. In this thought provoking and transformative piece, we explore the concept of acceptance and control, and how this plays a role in our ongoing battle with mental illness. Physical theatre connects the mind and body as one in an engaging exploration of the human soul. Through physical theatre, we venture into every dark corner that mental illness lurks in, bringing it into the light, and fight to take back control. We are the authors of our own story, we decide. 


So, do you have a talk about your mental health?



Creators + Directors + Writers
Alaxzandra Allen + Sian Ayton


University of the Sunshine Coast


Fri 23 Nov
12.00pm - 12.30pm

Sat 24 Nov
3.45pm - 4.15pm


The Roundhouse
30 min

Content Advisories
Themes of mental illness
Themes of trauma
Flashing / Intense lights
Intrusive loud sounds
Simulated sexual activity
Coarse language
Partial nudity
Staged violence
Simulated drug use


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