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We are committed to ensuring our events are as accessible to our audiences as possible and we are constantly trying to improve on how the Festival can accommodate for all audiences.

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We strive to offer comprehensive support for all our artists and audiences. If we don't have something, we will do everything in our power to get it! That's our promise.

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At the Festival of Australian Student Theatre we are always striving to do better - and we want your help.
So tell us, where can we do better? We owe it to you.

      Venue Accessibility

Venues that are accessible for wheelchair users (and anyone else needing flat surfaces and lifts), keep an eye out for the        icon in the program and online to find suitable events.

There is a level access drop-off point next to the theatre on Gona Parade. There is an accessible toilet located on the ground floor, 10 metres from the theatre entrance doors.

QUTs accessibility plan for the area can be found here.
Please note that the Festival takes place in Z1 and the immediate surround areas (bottom-right corner of the map).

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Our website and it's provider are committed to ensuring a user-friendly experience for all users. We recommend using Google Chrome to view the website.

Please use the following link to learn how to alter the text and page size within your browser.


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      Assistive Hearing Loop
 Visual Ratings

Every project has been required to nominate a visual rating that best fit their work. The Festival's Visual Rating system is a five-level tiered system to allow d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing audiences to determine whether a work may be suitable for them. The system also caters to anyone who may not be a native English user, or even just for those who prefer less wordy events. The tiers are as follows:

Level 5 

These events contain no dialogue or music. All included text is in English.

Level 4 

These events contain may be fully subtitled or have minimal dialogue, and have some background music or sound.

Level 3 

These events are partly subtitled or include dialogue, and have background music or sounds.

Level 2 

These events are not-subtitled or include dialogue, and have background music or sounds.

Level 1

These events are aural-based and rely heavily or entirely on sound.


Large-text, plain text and contract-boosted versions of event descriptions and our print program is available at the Box Office during the Festival.

Alternatively, give us a call on (07) 3007 8600 or email us at and we can arrange to email or post them to you.

Hearing Loop facilities are available for performances in the Roundhouse Theatre. See box office staff to reserve seats, or contact our Access Consultant if you have any questions.

Look for the         symbol  on event pages where this technology is available. 

      Auslan Interpreting

We are a student theatre festival, so while we are unable to provide Auslan Interpreters for every project and every performance, we are doing our best to support those artists interested in making their works more accessible.

      Relaxed Performances


The house lights stay on, slightly dimmed. There are no harsh lighting changes or sudden loud sound effects or music. The audience is free to make any noises or movements that they would naturally make. Relaxed Performances are generally friendly to those with sensory sensitivities, but we do recommend checking with our Access Consultant if you have any particular sensory access requirements.

Content Advisories

This year, our content advisories are as comprehensive as possible. Content advisories in the program are subject to change; please visit the box office team during your visit to get any updates as content may change during the rehearsal process.

Booking Tickets

Tickets can be booked through our ticketing partner (once tickets are on-sale).

Please feel free to discuss any specific access needs by emailing

We can also be reached via the National Relay Service ( at no additional charge.

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