Calypso Carribean

Work in Development

Australian School of Performing Arts, Film & Television presents

Written + Directed by Finlay Holmes +
Creative Production by Sophie Schoenknecht

What do teenagers want to talk about when they’re allowed to filter their world through the lens of performance?

At sea, can anyone hear you scream?


Welcome aboard the Calypso Caribbean, a state of the art cruise liner where whatever you need is available at the push of a button! It seems like a dream, but soon people start disappearing, the shadows stalk you and the onboard AI begins to talk back. This ship is starting to feel less like a holiday oasis and more like a strategically isolated lab… in the middle of international waters… where national laws and ethics don’t apply…. and you’re the lab rats.


Blending elements of gothic drama, popular cultural references like Resident Evil, Stephen King’s IT and tropes inherent to dystopian novels, Calypso Caribbean is a horror-thriller that challenges the audience to dip into a stylised version of the future that young people today are
expecting to become more and more of their reality.


Performers Anika Dunstan, Charlotte Sturgess, Chloe Riesenweber, Devon Henshaw, Emma Cook, Hannah James, Josephine Olton,
Karla Robke, Katie Boxall, Keegan Smith, Lily Nugent, Megan
Hinterreiter, Ruby Whayman, Skye Nugent, Tahlia West +
Xander Johnson


Sound Design Finlay Holmes
Lighting Design Sophie Schoenknecht

Dramaturgy Lillian Duggan + Sophie Schoenknecht


Australian School of Performing Arts, Film and Television +
Perform Australia

Sun 25 Nov
3.00pm - 3.45pm


The Roundhouse
45 min

Content Advisories
Coarse Language
Themes of mental illness
Themes of death + trauma


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