By Livvy Watkins + Harry Doherty

What does it mean to grow up queer now?

Something’s not quite right between high school sweethearts Ryan and Louise. They should be right for each other, they should be in love, but there’s just one little detail they haven’t shared: they’re both big gay babies.

You? Me? That crusty dead spider in the corner? We can all feel the waters of their gay truth rising, and when the dam breaks and the truth comes out, the shock waves send them through time and space, discovering and re-imagining queer histories and futures. ARRIVAL follows them into the depths of their imaginations on an adventure of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and soul-bearing honesty.



Co-writers + Performers
Livvy Watkins + Harry Doherty

Queensland University of Technology

Work in Development

Sat 24 Nov
  7.30pm - 8.00pm

Sun 25 Nov
  4.05pm - 4.35pm


The Studio
30 min

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